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Power Flushing Leicester

We Carry out Power Flushing Leicester and surrounding villages. We use some of the most up to date equiptment which helps us to ensure you get a thorough clean and an efficient service. We offer a Comprehensive Cenral Heating Cleaning Service. Please see below for details.

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Power Flush upto 6 Radiator System £320 all inclusive

Power Flush upto 9 Radiator System £350 all inclusive

Power Flush upto 12 Radiator System £380 all inclusive



We offer Power Flushing from £320, this includes:

  • Full Central Heating System PowerFlush
  • All Cleaning Chemicals & Neutralising Chemicals
  • Testing PH levels after cleaning to ensure chemicals have been flushed away
  • Treatment of cleaned system with Chemical Inhibitor
  • Using some of the best equipment on the market

Power Flush System upto 6 Radiators £320, upto 9 Radiators £350, upto 12 Radiators £380

Whats it all about?

Powerflushing is basically a way to clean out your central heating pipework and Radiators so that they operate more efficiently. This measure also ensures that your Boiler is circulating clean water which should help it to last longer and operate to its maximum efficiency. This will hopefully in turn Save you money in the long run.

What it all about?

Half Price Fitting on Magnetic Filters

Why not get a magnetic filter filled to your system at the same time this will help to maintain your nice clean system and prevent the need for powerflushing again in the future.

Book this at the same time and we will halve the cost of installation.

Need New Thermostatic Radiator Valves? Again we can offer reduced installation costs when carried out at the same time as Power Flushing Leicester


Call Elliot on 07746514199 or 0116 2551804 to discuss your needs

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